Human Rights are under three categories: Justice, Freedom, and Equality. They are inherent rights for ALL persons. They are the MOST important rights in dealing with the public.  As such, it is important for Public Sector Organizations (especially) that deal with the Public to incorporate regular Human Rights training in their organizational culture for their employees and for their team leaders who deal with subordinates' team members.

Rosamond Kamara, the Founder of Rosa KAY LLC is a passionate Human Rights Warrior who has spent almost her entire life learning the depths and core of Human Rights as it relates to individual rights and responsibilities; governmental and non-governmental organizations, and their Human Rights responsibilities.


Organization/Individual Service: This service is for Organizations that would like to prioritize the Human Rights of their employees with my personalized one-to-one training, mentoring, and coaching program for their Team Leaders on Human Rights and why it is the most important aspect in dealing with others in general. 

This should give organizations peace of mind that their team leaders are prioritizing the Human Rights of their subordinates in the organization. 

For organizational Heads who are looking to consult on Human Rights or to broaden their knowledge of Human Rights to ensure they are in sync with human rights empowerment in their organizations. 

This Service is also offered to any individual who is interested in consulting or broadening their knowledge of Human Rights.

Governmental Organizations Seminars:  This service is offered for Governmental Organizations that want to prioritize the Human Rights of the public that they serve, by training their employees on the depths of Human Rights, and why it is very important to prioritize said rights when dealing with the public. 

The service will be best in organized Human Rights seminars and workshops for a small or large group of employees.

Non-governmental/Non-Profit Organizations Seminars: This service is offered for Non-governmental Organizations that want to prioritize the Human Rights of the public or the clients that they serve by training their employees on Human Rights and their importance. 

The service will be best in organized Human Rights seminars and workshops for a small or large group of employees.

Naturopathy Medicine/Holistic Healing: This service is for clients who are interested in learning about or wanting to start a natural healing journey. 

Also, for those who would like to experiment with natural medicine and holistic healing whether for a healthy lifestyle, or general well-being.

Personalized Services: This is best for individuals or organizations that would like a more personalized program or service as relates to Human Rights Consultancy and Naturopathy.

Global Human Rights Warrior; Activist; Professional Consultant; Coach; and Mentor.

Since she can remember, the Human Rights Warrior, Rosa Kay (founder of Rosa Kay Human Rights Consultancy Firm) has been EXCEEDINGLY passionate about Human Rights Issues affecting our World. 

She has spent the majority of her life in the pursuit of promoting Human Rights in our World. She has fought and is still fighting the MOST hardest Human Rights battles and those that are causing them. 

She has reached a POSITIVE and CONVENIENT place where she now feels an ABSOLUTE certainty that she is ready, certified, seasoned, and qualified to serve the Best of the World's Leading Organizations and Individuals in the issues of Human Rights and effective ways to combat them. 

She GARANTEES the BEST service the World can provide by the Grace of Our CREATOR in Heaven through the Spirits, Tears, and Blood of innocent Children and the Vulnerable Majority of Our People who are living through these unfortunate Human Rights Cruelest. 

Her works speak for themselves. 

Naturopathy Medicine; Holistic Medicine; 'Spiritual Healing & Awareness' Advocate; Coach; Mentor; and Guide.

Throughout her Life, the Human Rights Warrior has personally experienced the healing effects of NATURAL/HOLISTIC medicine and the importance of their positive methods. 

She believes we are all Spiritual Beings that could benefit the FIRST from our Natural Environment and the Natural elements it provides us. She believes Science is also VERY helpful for the Human Body, but Natural Medicine is BEST for all the BODY, MIND, and SOUL. 

After all, scientific Medicine is made from ingredients found in our Natural Environment and it is a fact that science alone has not succeeded in delivering ALL cures for ALL diseases in our world. 

As such, it is best that we encompass all other options that have proven effective in healing us. "For if we HEAL ourselves, we are HEALING our World". Founder, Rosa Kay is both a Scientific and Spiritual Being who thoroughly researches and studies both subjects.

She believes she is in a COMFORTABLE place in her knowledge on the subject of natural, holistic, and spiritual healing that she could help others.



If ONLY for our Loved Ones, our Children, and our Family; we MUST ALL play our part then in the FIGHT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. It is for the same that if we cannot research ourselves but at least HOLD a positive thought for the pursuit of finding CURES FOR ALL DISEASES. I dare to DREAM!
when we heal our body, mind, and soul; We are healing our World.

"FAMILY', they say it is everything.

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